ESG Policy

ESG Policy

At Coniston Capital Management LLP (“Coniston”) we pride ourselves on pursuing a responsible investment strategy. We incorporate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters throughout the investment process, whilst delivering our clients target returns.

During our investment cycle we consider the fundamental principles of ESG – we integrate these ideals to the investment, portfolio management and exit process. The three key areas we focus on include:

Corporate Governance

  • Ensure high standards of integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Undertake background checks and establish anti bribery and code of conduct policies
  • Assist with the appointment of an independent Chair
  • Establish a monthly steering committee

Social Issues

  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion policies to ensure no type of discrimination
  • The promotion of education and skills development
  • Positive engagement with local communities
  • Adherence to health and safety standards
  • Ensuring the elimination of child labour

Environmental Management

  • Ensuring the efficient use of all-natural resources
  • A reduction in the production of waste
  • Maintaining responsible practices across the value chain

Coniston is committed to the continued adherence of these principals, keeping them under constant review to ensure we minimise our ESG risk.